APPG North Korea Event

North Korea’s Weapons Programmes, Sanctions Evasion and the Response of the International Community 

Open Meeting – Wednesday 15th October, 5:00 pm in Committee Room 3A, the Houses of Parliament

What is the threat posed to the world and its own people by North Korea’s nuclear and conventional arms? How does North Korea utilise its procurement networks to evade existing UN and EU sanctions? And how can the United Kingdom and the international community improve their non-proliferation efforts?

The All-Party Parliamentary Group on North Korea invites you to attend a discussion on these issues on Wednesday 15th October at 17:00 in Committee Room 3A, the Houses of Parliament.

The discussants will be Andrea Berger, Research Fellow at the Royal United Services Institute, Dr. John Swenson-Wright, Head of the Asia Programme at Chatham House, and Martin Uden, former Coordinator of the United Nations Panel of Experts and former British Ambassador to the Republic of Korea. 

Attendance is free and open to the public. The Houses of Parliament can be accessed via the Cromwell Green visitor entrance. Contact: