Questions Raised on UK Parts in North Korean Weapons Following APPG Event

Following evidence presented to the All-Party Parliamentary Group on North Korea during a recent event, ‘North Korea’s Weapons Programmes, Sanctions Evasion and the Response of the International Community’, Fiona Bruce MP and Geoffrey Clifton-Brown MP asked the UK Government what steps it had taken to ensure that UK manufacturing products were not used as components in North Korean weapons.

In response, the UK Government acknowledged the findings of the UN DPRK Panel of Experts’ 2014 Final Report, which highlighted UK-origin parts used in North Korea’s Unha-3 rocket, but claimed that such parts did “not contravene UN sanctions, MTCR control listings or UK trade restrictions and were not sold directly to the DPRK or its entities”.

The government added that all export licence applications are “assessed against the consolidated EU and National Arms Export Licensing Criteria” and that a “licence would not be granted if to do so would be a breach of our international obligations or we assessed there was an unacceptable risk of diversion to a WMD programme or to a military programme in an embargoed destination”.