APPG North Korea Event

Can We Engage North Korea with Diplomacy and Soft Power?

Open Meeting – Wednesday 19th November, 5:00 pm in Committee Room 2A, the Houses of Parliament

Is diplomacy and soft power effective in altering the behaviour of the DPRK Government? Should future policies focus on a bottom-up (non-state led) approach or continue to engage with the North Korean Government? Is the outside world engaging the right actors in the DPRK? And, are state-led engagement projects that try to improve human rights in the DPRK possible?

The All-Party Parliamentary Group on North Korea invites you to attend a discussion on these issues on Wednesday 19th November at 17:00 in Committee Room 2A, the Houses of Parliament. The discussants will be Dr. Adam Cathcart, Lecturer in Chinese History at the University of Leeds and Editor-in-Chief of, and Dr. Remco Breuker, Professor of Korean Studies at Leiden University.

Attendance is free and open to the public. Registration is not required. The Houses of Parliament can be accessed via the Cromwell Green visitor entrance. Contact: