APPG North Korea Event

North Korea Freedom Week

Open Meeting – Thursday 11th December, 3:00pm in Committee Room 11, the Houses of Parliament

The All-Party Parliamentary Group on North Korea will be hosting the International North Koreans’ Association for Human Rights & Democracy in December for the annual North Korea Freedom Week. The two topics for discussion will be: ‘How can the United Kingdom help to create freedom of expression within the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea?’; and ‘Voice of defectors to aid the United Kingdom’s policy of supporting disabled people in North Korea’.

The speakers will include:

  • Mr. Lee Min-bok: a North Korean refugee who lives in South Korea and leads the activities of sending flyers and leaflets into North Korea.
  • Mr. Ji Seong-ho: a disabled North Korean refugee who testified before the United Nations Commission of Inquiry.
  • Mr. Joo-il Kim: a North Korean refugee living in the UK and the General Secretary of the North Korean Residents Society in Europe.

Attendance is free and open to the public. Registration is not required. The Houses of Parliament can be accessed via the Cromwell Green visitor entrance. Contact:


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