Fiona Bruce MP: Statement on DPRK Nuclear Test

Fiona Bruce MP, Co-Chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on North Korea and Chair of the Conservative Party Human Rights Commission, has condemned the North Korean government’s test of a nuclear device, describing it as “a threat to the North Korean people, the Korean peninsula and international security”.

Fiona said: “The All-Party Parliamentary Group on North Korea explicitly condemns North Korea’s latest nuclear test. Not only has this act violated numerous United Nations Security Council resolutions, it has also posed a serious threat to the security of the people of the Korean peninsula and the surrounding region.

In a recent meeting with Kim Son Gyong, Director General at the North Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs, I urged his country to focus its resources on aiding its beleaguered people. Instead, the North Korean government has chosen to spend its limited resources on weaponry that may one day lead to unfathomable destruction.

Today, I am reiterating my calls to the North Korean government and ask them to end such provocations and work to better the security of its most vulnerable population.”