Event: Stepping Stones 징검다리

The All-Party Parliamentary Group on North Korea will host Stepping Stones on October 24th at 17:15 in Committee Room 20, the Houses of Parliament.

Stepping Stones primarily seeks to ameliorate the conditions of political prisons in North Korea, improve North Korean women’s rights, and put an end to the forcible repatriation of North Korean refugees. The organisation also pays close attention to human rights of children with North Korean mothers.

Park Jihyun and Kim Hyeongsoo, co-founders of Stepping Stones, will speak on the value and importance of broadcasting and sending information into North Korea, the repatriation of North Korean refugees, and the myriad issues effecting North Korean refugees living in the UK.

Joining Stepping Stones will be Eunhee Lee and Casey Lartigue Jr, co-founders of TNKR, who will discuss how North Korean refugees can become messengers informing the world about human rights abuses in North Korea and magnets attracting people to become involved.

Attendance is free and open to the public. Please arrive at least 30 minutes before the start of the event to clear security and make your way to the Committee Room. The Houses of Parliament can be accessed via the Cromwell Green visitor entrance.