The All-Party Parliamentary Group on North Korea exists to formulate solutions that promote and support human rights, democracy and security in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea; to establish relations with the exiled North Korean community to foster understanding of the DPRK and the challenges which face its people; and to explore meaningful relations between the parliaments of the UK and the DPRK.

“Tdavidaltonhe All-Party Parliamentary Group on North Korea was formed in 2004 when Baroness Cox and I returned from our first visit to the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. Our objective was to involve Members from both Houses and to make Parliamentarians more aware of the human rights, humanitarian and security issues posed by the DPRK”.

“Since this initial contact, the APPG has engaged directly with the DPRK – and hosted two visits to the United Kingdom by the Speaker of the DPRK Assembly, Choe Thae-bok; it has initiated debates in both Houses; and it has provided escapees from North Korea with the opportunity to give first hand evidence about their experiences. In 2013, the APPG hosted a visit to Westminster by the United Nations Commission of Inquiry while it was preparing its report into what the Commission described as ‘crimes against humanity’, ‘without parallel in the world’.”

“Today, the APPG continues to work with advocacy and human rights groups, with charities, development and aid organisations, and with individuals working for reform in the DPRK and the reunification of the Korean Peninsula.”

David Alton (Lord Alton of Liverpool, Co-Chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on North Korea)

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