APPG NK launches its Twitter and Facebook pages

Information about upcoming events, news of parliamentary questions and debates concerning the DPRK and related points of interest can now also be found on the APPG NK's new Twitter and Facebook pages.


Release of ‘Unspeakable and Unparalleled: North Korea’s Crimes Against Humanity’

On the 13th May, the Conservative Party Human Rights Commission (CPHRC) released a report, Unspeakable and Unparalleled: North Korea's Crimes Against Humanity, which addressed human rights violations by the DPRK regime, the North Korean refugee crisis and efforts that seek to end the regime’s monopoly on information. Taking evidence from three public hearings, the report called on the British Government …

APPG NK Meeting with Jang Jin-sung

On the 7th May 2014, the All-Party Parliamentary Group on North Korea hosted a talk from Mr. Jang Jin-sung, a former DPRK poet laureate and counter-intelligence official under Kim Jong Il. After graduating from Kim Il Sung University, Mr. Jang worked in the United Front Department (UFD), also known as the “window into and out of …